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Spring in the garden

primroses in full bloom

Spring is finally coming to the south of England and that means it’s springing in Farley and in the Wardenry gardens too.

There is lots to discover as the flowers wake up and we begin to find out what is buried in the beds and how it grows. These primroses and their fellows are scattered around brining early colour to the rapidly greening beds.

The front gardens have had some expert attention from the residents. Grass has been clipped and beds tidied and weeded.

We have also been weeding some of the beds in the formal gardens and new small lavender plants have gone in.

There are definitely still quite a few weeds that need to be ‘managed’. More still if you accept the wider definition of a weed as a plant that grows where it shouldn’t; like, for instance, in the middle of a gravel path!

We have also been preparing the lawns as well. Lots of work is required to bring them back to their former glory. That has started with a good raking and some manual rollering. It will soon get a cut and I’m planning a top dressing of good quality seed.

Lastly for today’s post, this second statue has been found. The lovely lady was hidden right in the corner of the gardens by the fruit beds. She was covered in foliage, but deserves a better view of the garden in future.

Any naming suggestions are welcome? Maybe we should do a naming competition?