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Garden Tidy

last Saturday (13th Nov) some of the trustees, residents and volunteers meet up to tidy the front garden. We try to do this a couple of times a year and it keeps things looking neat while also bringing those who come to help together.

Rose bush in the middle of a driveway with red brick church behind
A freshly trimmed rose bush

One of the residents regularly mows the lawn and weeds when they can, so our efforts on Saturday were concentrated on a couple of other large tasks.

  • The beach hedges that hide the bins we’re in desperate need of a trim,
  • The central rose bush needed cutting back and shaping,
  • The paths along the front of the almshouses were slippy
  • And the borders needed doing.

So, the tools came out and we got to work.

wheelie bins full of hedge clippings in front of a trimmed beech hedge. There is a red brick church in the background
wheely good work

it took us most of the afternoon to trim, pressure wash and clip everything, but we left before it got dark. We’d been lucky to have good weather, and a cloudless blue sky is rare in November! We were even treated to a beautiful deep orange sunset as we all left.

of you would like to join us for gardening or other volunteer work, please keep an eye on our calendar for the list of dates.

The Farley Hospital showing the Wardenry and entrance gate in lovely November sunshine
The results of our hard work from the other side of the road

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