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Garden Progress

Since I first walked into the gardens at Farley Hospital a huge amount of work has been completed to reinvigorate them by a small group of residents, trustees and volunteers. This post is going to give you an idea of what we started with and… Read More »Garden Progress

Winter Upgrades

This is a retrospective post about all the work that has happened at Farley Hospital over the Winter. Some updates were shared in the Dunn Valley News before, but now that we have a website it’s here too in a bit more detail. We have… Read More »Winter Upgrades

Shorn Lawn

We have a large lawn in the wardenry gardens. One area has been a lawn for a very long time and has previously been of sufficient quality and flatness to host croquette and tennis matches. The second area was formal flowerbeds until a few years… Read More »Shorn Lawn

History Stamps

We’ve found a few interesting pieces of equipment in the Wardenry as we have been decorating it. These stamps are amongst my favourites. It took quite a while for us to realise what they were, then they had to wait until last weekend until I… Read More »History Stamps


This is a quick post about mowers, but I guess that’s pretty obvious once you’ve got through the title and pictures above! These 3 interesting specimens were all in the stables, and none of them work. I have spent a while over the winter fiddling… Read More »Mowers!