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This is a quick post about mowers, but I guess that’s pretty obvious once you’ve got through the title and pictures above! These 3 interesting specimens were all in the stables, and none of them work. I have spent a while over the winter fiddling with them and I am oh so close with the Atco “posh” cylinder mower and the Flymo.

I’ve replaced the carberuettor on the Atco and re-built the one on the Flymo. Both have engines have now actually worked, but unfortunately that’s only the start of the fun. The Atco has a stuck clutch which means that at the moment the engine can’t be running if it’s not moving (or if the chain has been taken off!) and the flymo is missing bolts so the casing is rattly to the extent of not being usable until I can get some more.

All in all these old machines have kept me out of mischief during lockdown and I dearly wish that they will be able to help maintain the lawn later this year… when we have a lawn again!

The Mountfield ride on is possibly beyond repair, but as soon as I have one working mower I will start to investigate.