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Thank you & Sept Update

Thank you very much to everyone who came and supported our music event on 21st August. We’re all really pleased that it went so well, and we’ve had quite a few messages of thanks, so we think everyone had a great night! Even the weather managed to help us out, just in the nick… Read More »Thank you & Sept Update

Party in 2 Weeks!!

There are just 2 weeks left until our Big Party on the 21st August, so now’s the time to get around to booking your tickets from our website’s Party page if you haven’t already! Before they sell out… We have two excellent tribute bands coming… Read More »Party in 2 Weeks!!

Great Book Update

Farley Hospital was commissioned by Sir Stephen Fox and opened in 1682. A Great Book was written in for the first time by Sir Stephen in Mid Summer 1682. The book measures 18″ x 12″, it is still in it’s original leather binding, the paper… Read More »Great Book Update

Garden Progress

Since I first walked into the gardens at Farley Hospital a huge amount of work has been completed to reinvigorate them by a small group of residents, trustees and volunteers. This post is going to give you an idea of what we started with and… Read More »Garden Progress

Winter Upgrades

This is a retrospective post about all the work that has happened at Farley Hospital over the Winter. Some updates were shared in the Dunn Valley News before, but now that we have a website it’s here too in a bit more detail. We have… Read More »Winter Upgrades

Shorn Lawn

We have a large lawn in the wardenry gardens. One area has been a lawn for a very long time and has previously been of sufficient quality and flatness to host croquette and tennis matches. The second area was formal flowerbeds until a few years… Read More »Shorn Lawn

History Stamps

We’ve found a few interesting pieces of equipment in the Wardenry as we have been decorating it. These stamps are amongst my favourites. It took quite a while for us to realise what they were, then they had to wait until last weekend until I… Read More »History Stamps


This is a quick post about mowers, but I guess that’s pretty obvious once you’ve got through the title and pictures above! These 3 interesting specimens were all in the stables, and none of them work. I have spent a while over the winter fiddling… Read More »Mowers!